Prestigious Medical Text … features Microcurrents and PEMF

The second edition of a medical text about internal medicine heralds a new era by featuring a chapter on Energy Medicine. More specifically, the tome features the application of microcurrents and pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF). The book also documents the healing power of microcurrents and PEMF by describing the cellular mechanics that are triggered along with before and after photographs, thermal images, MR-PDW images, radiographs and illustrations—all in full-color.

In the Preface, Dr. Al-Tubaikh writes: “I took the opportunity of publishing the second edition of this book to introduce the reader to a whole new world that uses therapies based on biophysics rather than biochemistry for conventional, pharmacological medicine uses.” While the book was published in Europe, the SOTA Magnetic Pulser, designed and sold by a Canadian company was featured.

Internal Medicine: An Illustrated Radiological Guide 2nd ed. 2017 Edition, Jarrah Ali Al-Tubaikh, MD

Cleaning Toxic Blood

A new technology presented in 2017 to treat the number one killer of hospital patients is reminiscent of the research revealed at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine back in 1991. Sepsis, a severe infection that spirals from blood poisoning, is a growing problem. Early diagnosis and quick treatment is needed in order to stem the death rate from the condition.

The new technology involves a dialysis type procedure to clean the blood infection using magnetic particles to bind the bacteria. This is reminiscent of another technology based on a patent that was filed in 1993 by the doctors who discovered that microcurrents—a mild electric current flow—rendered “the bacteria, virus, parasites and/or fungus ineffective to infect or affect normally healthy cells while maintaining the biological usefulness of the blood or other fluids.” The patent suggested a dialysis procedure or the implanting of a small battery in an artery.

The Albert Einstein College of Medicine research was basically buried but led to Dr. Robert C. (Bob) Beck, D.Sc. developing a system that keeps the blood in the body while being treated. Two parts of the Beck Protocol—micropulsing or blood electrification and magnetic pulsing—allow blood and body fluids to remain in the body. The protocol has not attracted medical research to treat sepsis.

For details of the new technology, check:

“’Sepsis sieve’ that cleans your blood of infections or blood-borne diseases could save thousands of lives”

“Toxic blood infections can be eliminated using magnets, says British inventor”

Frequencies that Bathe Us … Good & Bad

Fascinating and good-to-know information about the Earth’s brainwave—the Schumann Resonance (SR)—and beyond …

“Our bodies are in harmony with earth’s electromagnetic field and output which is in turn, harmonic with the sun, which is in turn, harmonic with the galaxy, and so on. …

“We strongly suggest that correlations of broad changes in the modulations of SR be studied in relationship to microwave radiation, ELF signals and HAARP for both immediate and long-term consequences. …

Explore the good and bad effects of Extra Low Frequencies (ELFs) and the electrical nature of our bodies:

“We are in tune with Schumann Resonances which drive brain wave ELF patterns in a set range of grouped frequencies. … We have electromagnetic transmitters and receivers in our neurons”

Our own Robert (Bob) Beck, DSc is cited three times for his early research related to beneficial and harmful ELFs.

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Improving Memory with Magnetic Pulsing

Auditory Memory of the BrainUsing TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) pulsed at a specific frequency, researchers at McGill University in Canada, discovered auditory memory was improved. While the ability to remember sounds is crucial to understand sentences and do simple arithmetic, the results are promising for a broad range of other memory functions.

According to the study’s author, “Now we know human behavior can be specifically boosted using stimulation that matched ongoing self-generated brain oscillations, even more exciting is that while this study investigated auditory memory, the same approach can be used for multiple cognitive processes such as vision, perception, and learning.”

The article states, “One day this stimulation could compensate for the loss of memory caused by neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.”

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Microcurrents on the Job

army-tdcTranscranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS), has been tested by the US military to enhance brain function. The article reports: “US military scientists have used electrical brain stimulators to enhance mental skills of staff, in research that aims to boost the performance of air crews, drone operators and others in the armed forces’ most demanding roles. …

“The technology is seen as a safer alternative to prescription drugs …

“But in a series of experiments at the air force base, the researchers found that electrical brain stimulation can improve people’s multitasking skills and stave off the drop in performance that comes with information overload.”

While this technology uses microcurrents, it is based on direct current. As a result, the use is recommended only as a medically supervised technology. Reported in The Guardian as: US military successfully tests electrical brain stimulation to enhance staff skills. November 7, 2016.

Electricity in Medicine in the 1700s

John WesleyJohn Wesley, a member of the clergy in England, was fascinated by Benjamin Franklin’s experiments with electricity in the US. In “John Wesley and the Eighteenth Century Therapeutic Uses of Electricity” a review of Wesley’s work by H. Newton Malony states that:

several historians have credited Wesley with being one of the most notable electrotherapists in the eighteenth century and with stimulating nineteenth century developments in psychiatry and general medicine.



More on Silver in Medicine

Ag SymbolA 1976 report titled “Electrically Generated Silver Ions: Quantitative Effects on Bacterial and Mammalian Cells” is of historical significance. Robert O. Becker, pioneer medical researcher and author of The Body Electric, was one of the scientists who issued the report—summed up as follows:

In conclusion, Ag+ generated at the anode seems to be a very effective bactericidal agent at low concentrations without any detrimental effects upon normal mammalian cells.

The research did not involve ionic colloidal silver. The silver ions were generated electrically from silver rods.



Healing Bones with PEMF

Jama LogoHere’s the abstract of the landmark study published back in 1982 by Andrew Bassett and his research team. Their research heralded a paradigm shift in the treatment for healing bone fractures—fractures that weren’t healing by any other means. The abstract of “Pulsing Electromagnetic Field Treatment in Ununited Fractures and Failed Arthrodeses” reports, “This surgically noninvasive, outpatient method … promoted healing in 85% of patients.”



Cranial Electro Stimulation Pioneer

Dr Meg PattersonIn 1993 a significant article was published in the journal, Subtle Energies by Dr. Meg Patterson—a true pioneer for Cranial Electro Stimulation. Bob Beck always gave Meg Patterson credit for her role in bringing CES to North America. When summing up her research in “Neuroelectric Therapy (NET) in Addiction Detoxification,” she said:

After two decades of reported clinical and investigative work, NET has been demonstrated to be a safe and highly effective alternative to the restricted unsatisfactory pharmacological approach to detoxifying addicts. NET promotes and expedites the rapid return of the normal physiological functions and psychological stability which enhances the addicts’ ability to benefit from relapse prevention programs.