Ozone has Vital Role in Dental Work

“The use of ozone in dentistry is gaining its place in every day’s dental practice and is used in almost all dental applications. The undisputed disinfection power of ozone over other antiseptics makes the use of ozone in dentistry a very good alternative and/or an additional disinfectant to standard antiseptics.”

The authors of this article bring good news for dental patients with more severe problems as well. Ozone is effective in treating gingivitis and periodontal disease. Gingivitis causes inflammation with redness and swelling of the gum around the base of the teeth. It can lead to the more serious gum disease of periodontitis that can lead to the loss of teeth. The research indicates these dental diseases “are reduced or treated with ozone in all its application forms (gas, water, oil).” In addition to being Nature’s powerful purifier, the research finds that ozone speeds the healing of tissue.
“Ozone therapy in periodontics” 2012. Authors: G. Gupta and B. Mansi
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CES Approved for Addictions

CES TechnologyNews channels have alerted the public to the rising number of deaths from the use of opioids—a class of drugs that encompasses both prescription and street-use. The FDA in the United States has approved an electronic, a CES (Cranial Electro Stimulation) type device, “to reduce the symptoms of opioid withdrawal”.

While CES devices have had approval for the treatment of insomnia, anxiety and depression, this is the first electronic device to be approved to treat addictions. Back in January 1983, Omni magazine featured how rock musician Peter Townshend, after treatment by British physician, Dr. Meg Patterson overcame his addiction without withdrawal symptoms. Since then a wealth of research has been conducted using CES. Dr. Ray Smith, a pioneer in the field, published several research studies showing the effectiveness of CES devices. Informal reports (testimonials) have surfaced over the years indicating CES can be an effective treatment for drug withdrawal.

Find out more about this cutting edge technology:

“FDA grants marketing authorization of the first device for use in helping to reduce the symptoms of opioid withdrawal”

“FDA approved an electrical device to help ease opioid withdrawal”

Frequencies to Stimulate the Brain

Using frequencies to balance brain function has been well-researched for decades using Cranial Electro Stimulation (CES) devices similar to Bob Beck’s Brain Tuner.

Research at Boston University is using specific alternating current or frequencies to control brain function in two fundamental brain areas—the medial frontal cortex and the lateral prefrontal cortex. The research suggests that the use of high-definition transcranial alternating current stimulation (HD-tACS) shows promise to replace prescription drugs with fewer potential side-effects.

CES is approved by the FDA for anxiety, depression and insomnia, allowing these conditions to be handled without the use of drugs. CES uses frequencies designed to simply bring brain chemicals into balance. This new research uses frequencies to specifically change the executive function of the brain.

It would seem that both technologies have the potential to improve the ability to learn more readily.

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More details about the research are given in a media release from Boston University titled A “Turbo Charge” for Your Brain?

Ozonated Water Heals Wounds

“In a placebo-controlled randomised double blind study the healing process” of three groups with identical wounds of the oral mucosa were treated. The oral surgeon who conducted the study, irrigated the mouth of one group with ozonated or ozonised water, one group with water, and one group without treatment.

The study took place at the University of Basel in Switzerland. The surgeon reported: “The application of ozonised water clearly showed an acceleration of wound healing within the first 48 hours, resulting in earlier epithelial wound closure after 7 days.”

“The Influence of Ozonised Water on the Epithelial Wound Healing Process in the Oral Cavity”

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Ozonated Water Heals Oral Ulcers

A research report on a study conducted in China indicates that ozonated water functions to stimulate “immune activation and immune regulation” as well as other healing mechanisms. In addition, with oral mucositis induced by chemotherapy, ozonated water reduced the pain as it had an analgesic effect.

This study had one group of hospital patients suffering with mouth ulcers, as a result of Behcet’s disease, gargle with ozonated water while the control group gargled with a different solution. The medical researchers reported that the group gargling with ozonated water “had significant improvement in healing oral ulcers and relieving the pain.”

“Application of ozonated water in oral ulcer patients with Behcet’s disease”

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Electric Fields Crucial to Healing

Researchers at the University of Aberdeen, using the eyes, “found that the body’s internal electric field plays a crucial role in the healing of damaged cells and tissue. Dr. Colin McCaig and his team studied the healing of damaged rat corneas.”

The team discovered that with the cells of a healthy cornea, the body pumps positively charged ions in and negatively charged ions are pushed out. In a damaged cornea, the body’s electrical field disappears. They also discovered that inducing an electric field speeded up healing.

In the Newsbriefs section on page 6 of the November 2002 International Health News: “Electric fields play a key role in healing” as published in NewScientist, September 28, 2002.

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Magnetic Fields Alleviate Anxiety

The use of magnetic fields as a medical therapy is rapidly expanding.

TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) has already been approved by the FDA to treat depression. Now, in addition to recent research indicating effectiveness to treat cocaine addiction, its use has been expanded further.

With anxiety being a growing concern in many countries, research in Germany at the Würzburg University Hospital, brings new light to treatment. The research indicates that magnetic stimulation of the brain shows promise to increase the benefits of behavior therapy for anxiety.

Read More: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/09/170915165219.htm

Prestigious Medical Text … features Microcurrents and PEMF

The second edition of a medical text about internal medicine heralds a new era by featuring a chapter on Energy Medicine. More specifically, the tome features the application of microcurrents and pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF). The book also documents the healing power of microcurrents and PEMF by describing the cellular mechanics that are triggered along with before and after photographs, thermal images, MR-PDW images, radiographs and illustrations—all in full-color.

In the Preface, Dr. Al-Tubaikh writes: “I took the opportunity of publishing the second edition of this book to introduce the reader to a whole new world that uses therapies based on biophysics rather than biochemistry for conventional, pharmacological medicine uses.” While the book was published in Europe, the SOTA Magnetic Pulser, designed and sold by a Canadian company was featured.

Internal Medicine: An Illustrated Radiological Guide 2nd ed. 2017 Edition, Jarrah Ali Al-Tubaikh, MD

Cleaning Toxic Blood

A new technology presented in 2017 to treat the number one killer of hospital patients is reminiscent of the research revealed at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine back in 1991. Sepsis, a severe infection that spirals from blood poisoning, is a growing problem. Early diagnosis and quick treatment is needed in order to stem the death rate from the condition.

The new technology involves a dialysis type procedure to clean the blood infection using magnetic particles to bind the bacteria. This is reminiscent of another technology based on a patent that was filed in 1993 by the doctors who discovered that microcurrents—a mild electric current flow—rendered “the bacteria, virus, parasites and/or fungus ineffective to infect or affect normally healthy cells while maintaining the biological usefulness of the blood or other fluids.” The patent suggested a dialysis procedure or the implanting of a small battery in an artery.

The Albert Einstein College of Medicine research was basically buried but led to Dr. Robert C. (Bob) Beck, D.Sc. developing a system that keeps the blood in the body while being treated. Two parts of the Beck Protocol—micropulsing or blood electrification and magnetic pulsing—allow blood and body fluids to remain in the body. The protocol has not attracted medical research to treat sepsis.

For details of the new technology, check:

“’Sepsis sieve’ that cleans your blood of infections or blood-borne diseases could save thousands of lives”

“Toxic blood infections can be eliminated using magnets, says British inventor”

Frequencies that Bathe Us … Good & Bad

Fascinating and good-to-know information about the Earth’s brainwave—the Schumann Resonance (SR)—and beyond …

“Our bodies are in harmony with earth’s electromagnetic field and output which is in turn, harmonic with the sun, which is in turn, harmonic with the galaxy, and so on. …

“We strongly suggest that correlations of broad changes in the modulations of SR be studied in relationship to microwave radiation, ELF signals and HAARP for both immediate and long-term consequences. …

Explore the good and bad effects of Extra Low Frequencies (ELFs) and the electrical nature of our bodies:

“We are in tune with Schumann Resonances which drive brain wave ELF patterns in a set range of grouped frequencies. … We have electromagnetic transmitters and receivers in our neurons”

Our own Robert (Bob) Beck, DSc is cited three times for his early research related to beneficial and harmful ELFs.

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