In His Own Words: Bob Beck’s own explanation of how Pulsed Magnetic Fields work…from the 1994 Global Sciences Conference

beck“…when you have a time-varying magnetic field, an impulse, the conductive tissue, as long as we are alive our body is 80% salt water, our blood, all of our tissues if we were mummified as if dried out on the desert wouldn’t be an excellent conductor like we are right now. But a magnetic field, the flux from the magnetic field meets conductive tissue which is every cell in your body and back emf, electromotive force is generated which puts the desired 100 microamperes, 100 millionth of an ampere, through the tissue and ruins the outer transcriptase of the outer protein layer and those cells are just as good as dead. They are going to float around for awhile and it does no damage to healthy cells whatsoever.”