CES Approved for Addictions

CES TechnologyNews channels have alerted the public to the rising number of deaths from the use of opioids—a class of drugs that encompasses both prescription and street-use. The FDA in the United States has approved an electronic, a CES (Cranial Electro Stimulation) type device, “to reduce the symptoms of opioid withdrawal”.

While CES devices have had approval for the treatment of insomnia, anxiety and depression, this is the first electronic device to be approved to treat addictions. Back in January 1983, Omni magazine featured how rock musician Peter Townshend, after treatment by British physician, Dr. Meg Patterson overcame his addiction without withdrawal symptoms. Since then a wealth of research has been conducted using CES. Dr. Ray Smith, a pioneer in the field, published several research studies showing the effectiveness of CES devices. Informal reports (testimonials) have surfaced over the years indicating CES can be an effective treatment for drug withdrawal.

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