Gut Bacteria Generate Electricity

Sequoyah Kennedy reports on the research:

The most recent intestinal intrigue is the discovery that human gut bacteria produce electricity. Scientists from the University of California, Berkeley found that our digestive system is full of a type of bacteria called electrogenic bacteria. It’s not that scientists have discovered a new type of human gut bacteria, it’s that most of the bacteria in the digestive system generate electricity and scientists just never noticed before. The reason for this comes down to the means of electricity generation.

The author continues by shedding light on the research led by Sam Light:

The end result of this discovery is that a whole host of bacteria just got a lot more interesting. The different electrogenic bacteria that exist in humans alone is staggering. Probiotics turn out to be electrogenic, but so do the bacteria that cause a number of horrible diseases like listeria, gangrene, and staph infections, as well as the bacteria responsible for causing diarrhea.

Thankfully the medical research in 1991 on which Robert C. Beck D.Sc. based the Beck Protocol, found that microcurrents or a very gentle level of electricity disabled pathogens or disease-causing bacteria and viruses yet left healthy cells intact.

“Scientists Find Human Gut Bacteria Generates Electricity”, Mysterious Universe, September 24, 2018

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For those who prefer microbiology terminology, the article was published, along with a letter from the researchers Light et al. at the University of California, Berkeley in the October 2018 issue of the prestigious publication, Nature: “The electrifying energy of gut microbes

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