Pulsed Magnetic Fields Shrink Tumors

A group of scientists published study results using a pulsed magnetic field on mice innoculated with cancer cells for tumor growth. The pulsd magnetic field was generated by a Helmholtz coil with a weak direct current (DC) output of only 0.094 Teslas which is equivalent to 940 gauss. Using a unique in vivo imaging system, the researchers were able to view tumor progression in real time.

This study indicates the importance of consistent and repeated use of a pulsed magnetic field over a long enough period of time for results.
The scientists summed up stating:

“Our results showed that exposure of the mice to magnetic fields for 360 min daily for as long as 4 wk suppressed tumor growth. … Our findings support further exploration of the potential of magnetic fields in cancer therapeutics, either as adjunct or primary therapy.”

“Effect of Magnetic Fields on Tumor Growth and Viability” was published in Comparative Medicine in August 2011:


Electrical Switch Controls Cancer

University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Credit: The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth)

Discovery of yet another function in the body that is controlled electrically is heralded as it has promise to treat cancer. The researchers discovered a “molecular switch” that controls cell growth causes cancer when it malfunctions. The scientists are based at the University of Texas in the USA.

“Scientists discover electrical control of cancer cell growth” was published by ScienceDaily on August 24, 2015.